Harvest Title & Escrow,LLC handles real estate transactions in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

What is a title and escrow service?

Essentially, when a piece of property changes hands, the title and escrow service makes sure all the pieces needed for the transaction are in order and in place for the closing.

Title services address the legal ownership of the property, tracing the history to make sure all possible claims of ownership and any inconsistencies have been addressed and resolved before the big day.

though fundamentally simple, this service can become extremely intricate and can end up involving numerous legal issues, which is why you want to work with title and escrow attorneys you can have confidence in – for speed, accuracy and reliability!

Location of Services

Harvest Title & Escrow handles real estate transactions in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.


The role of Harvest Title & Escrow in the sale or purchase of a home is to ensure that all parties involved in the real estate contract meet the following steps and requirements:

  • Both the Buyer and Seller fulfilled the contract agreement and any addendum.
  • The Buyer brings funds sufficient to meet the total sales price plus costs.
  • The Seller furnishes all required disclosures.
  • The New Lender deposits loan proceeds.

Choosing a title company that will treat your closing with personal attention and the highest level of customer service is a crucial component of your timely settlement. Your settlement officer must meet every deadline and understand each factor in your transaction. Harvest Title & Escrow understands that every real estate transaction has its own unique combination of circumstances, and our Settlement officers possess the education and experience to overcome both the anticipated and unforeseen challenges.